Bill emphasizes the control of medicines and licenses for pharmacies


Stressed the new draft law on pharmacy and drug control procedures and inspection of the medicines sold in the Yemeni market, as well as adjust the granting of licenses to open pharmacies. Targeted project perspective to the Commission on Health parliamentary ensure the quality of medicines, and protect people from fake drugs and contraband trafficking random drug, as well as to regulate the practice of pharmacy , and the opening of pharmacies and tighten controls on them. prohibition of the bill trading infant formula and

complementary foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics without the

approval of the Committee established under the new law and follow the supreme body of the drugs. considered the project owner of the pharmacy and its director and staff Shehadlanyen. Stipulated in the pharmacist to obtain a bachelor's degree in pharmacy at least from a recognized university in Yemen, and is registered with the Pharmacy Guild of Yemenis considering that among the conditions for obtaining a license to practice the profession of pharmacy. And prevent the pharmacist to waive license is not in any way saying that a license to practice the profession face. Witnessing the pharmacy market Yemeni sale, lease or concession pharmacists for licenses their own people is Shehadlanyen. And passed the bill for health inspectors inspect pharmacies or research centers or transport drugs in any time to ensure their compliance with laws. According to the project enjoys as a judicial police inspectors, and be nominated by a decision of the Minister of Justice upon the submission of the Minister of Health